Monday, January 20, 2014

Overcoming Procrastination

It's been over a year since I've written in my blog. Part of that is that I don't have anything interesting to say and part of it is that I do have something to say, I'll just say it later. So for the last year or so, since my last post, I've been mastering the art of procrastination in my blog writing and with life in general. I always have things pop into my mind that I want to blog, but they are usually around 2 in the morning when I'm trying to get my 4 to 4.5 hours a sleep before the days starts again. When that happens, I quickly say, 'I'll do it tomorrow', and drift into the land of lala, where I want to spend more time. Such a great place that lala land.

Anyway, I've decided to start working on not procrastinating any more. If you are one of my 4 followers, I hope you stick around to see what's next. If you stumbled onto this blog by accident, welcome. If you've made it this far you are more patient than I am, because as I see a lot of words on the screen and run, haha.

As I go forward with this blog, I'm going to everything that I post on here is solely my opinion. I don't want you to think as I read this that my opinion is the only one that matters in this world and get all worked up into a frenzy over what I write. It is a way of sharing what I believe and why I believe it, notice the I's in that last bit. Me, myself, and I. I have opinions and that is what they are, mine. If they get you worked up, simply stop reading. If you want to leave a nasty comment feel free, that is your right to do so, but it may not make it to the final comment section of the blog because I like to be in control too and moderating the comments gives me a sort of ha... I'm in charge kind of feeling.

Topics that I may cover are things like books I've read; general rants; religion, I know, no one likes a zealot, but remember it's my blog, my opinion, feel free to believe what you want as long as I can believe what I want. P.S. I'm not going to be a zealot, at least I'll try not to be.

If you like what you read, come back, check on the blog often. I'm really going to try and do this and stop procrastinating.

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